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Secular Stagnation or Regular RecessionJanuary 2015
A summary, investment implications and paddle boats

An interesting twist on the active vs passive debateSeptember 2014
Some active managers that do outperform passive managers

When Oh When is the Fed likely to begin ‘normalizing’ ratesMarch 2014
Ultra low rates set to stay for a while yet

Gold bugs – don’t panic (yet)! April 2013
A historical perspective on the steep fall in the price of gold.

Active investing – evidence that you’re probably losing money – March 2013
An overview of a recent study showing you’re better of as a passive investor.

Was that the sound of a bond bubble bursting?February 2013
Yields go up sometimes – it doesn’t mean the bull run is over.

Newsletter January 2013 – What?!! You didn’t get a 63% return on your investments last year?

Newsletter November 12 – High unemployment set to remain – plus Customer Service, Ryanair style.

Newsletter October 12 (updated link to follow Feb 13) – Slow recovery in US growth – plus monkeys demand fair pay.

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